8.1 Responsibilities

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Students holding a teaching or research assistantship share a responsibility for promoting the scholarly and educational objectives of the department in which they work. Graduate student assistants, like faculty, should consider it a duty to become personally acquainted with the students assigned to them and to interest themselves in their students' academic and nonacademic progress. Assistants are subject to policies and procedures of their departments and of the Institute and should respect and conform to the rules and procedures of the division or laboratory/center to which they are assigned.

Because academic progress contributes to a student's effectiveness as an assistant, consecutive appointments are favored. Applications for reappointment are considered individually on merit. Reappointment depends on academic progress as well as on performance as an assistant. A student's appointment to an assistantship may be cancelled at any time if progress in a graduate program is unsatisfactory or if the student is not carrying out the duties assigned in a satisfactory manner.

More information concerning graduate student appointments is contained in Graduate Policies and Procedures.