1.5 The Faculty

This policy was last updated November 29, 2017. See the update history page for more information.

As defined in Section 1.11 of Rules and Regulations of the Faculty, the Faculty shall consist of the Chair of the Corporation; the President, the vice presidents, the Provost, the Chancellor, and the associate provosts of the Institute; all members of the instructing staff with rank of professor, associate professor, or assistant professor; associate professor/senior coach, associate professor/coach, and assistant professor/coach; the deans of the Schools of Architecture and Planning; Engineering; Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences; and Science; and the Sloan School of Management; the Dean for Graduate Education; the Dean for Undergraduate Education; the Dean for Student Life; the Dean of Admissions; the Director of Athletics; the Director of Libraries; the Medical Director; the Registrar; and the Executive Director of Student Financial Services. In addition, the Faculty, on the recommendation of its officers, shall designate each year by vote certain administrative staff positions; the holders of these positions, not to exceed four in number, shall be ex officio members of the Faculty for that year.

The Officers of the Faculty shall be a Chair, an Associate Chair, a Secretary, and, ex officio, the President of the Institute. (The President of the Institute is, ex officio, President of the Faculty.) In the absence of the President, the Chair of the Faculty shall preside at Faculty meetings.

Educational policy for the Institute is determined by the Faculty. The Faculty meets regularly each month during the academic year to deal with matters relating to educational policy, methods, curriculum, and degrees, both undergraduate and graduate. The Faculty develops and carries out policy through its standing committees. The Faculty Policy Committee (FPC) maintains a broad overview of the Institute's academic programs, deals with a wide range of policy issues of concern to the Faculty, and coordinates the work of the Faculty committees. The Chair of the Faculty is, ex officio, Chair of the FPC. Other standing committees of the Faculty, whose composition and duties are defined in the Rules and Regulations of the Faculty, are the following: Academic Performance, Curricula, Discipline, Graduate Programs, the Library System, Nominations, Student Life, Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid, and the Undergraduate Program.