12.3 Use of Institute Name

This policy was last updated October 3, 2023. See the update history page for more information.

The Institute's name must not be used in ways that suggest or imply the endorsement of other organizations, their products, or their services. Specifically, the use of the Institute's names, logos, seal, and photographs (collectively, the "marks") in the advertising and other promotional material and activities of outside organizations is prohibited when such use is likely to be understood as an endorsement, even if such an endorsement is not the intention of the person or organization seeking to use these MIT materials. All proposals, therefore, for the use of any MIT marks must be submitted to the Institute Office of Communications which will approve or deny the use of marks in accordance with this policy and MIT's use of name guidelines.

Certain MIT marks are licensed to others for use in connection with such products as T-shirts and hats; they are not generally licensed for use in connection with MIT intellectual property, software, patents, and copyrightable material. Any issues relative to the use of MIT marks in connection with products should also be referred to the Institute Office of Communications.

All faculty and staff members should assume responsibility for preventing misuse of the Institute's marks. Misuse may arise from consulting activities, in public reports made by individuals, or through failure to record and clarify MIT's restrictions governing the use of results obtained during research or investigations on behalf of commercial firms. For this reason all agreements involving the use of Institute facilities, including use for press conferences or public announcements, should be coordinated with the News Office and with the Institute Office of Communications.

It is equally important that faculty and staff members not allow their own names to be used in ways that state or imply Institute endorsement in connection with project or product promotions. It should also be understood clearly that opinions expressed by a faculty or staff member in preparing a report or paper under a consulting agreement or personal service contract are the opinions of the individual and not an official position of the Institute. Use of the Institute letterhead or address or other identification that might associate the conclusion of the report with the Institute should be avoided.

Where publicity or advertising arising from personal, non-Institute research or consultation is concerned, faculty and staff members are advised to consult the Institute Office of Communications.

Any financial accounts — such as bank, brokerage, or mutual fund accounts — that include Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT in the account name or that use the MIT Federal Tax Identification Number must be used solely for approved Institute-related purposes. Such accounts must be authorized and established by the Office of Treasury and Planning in the Office of the Vice President for Finance (VFP). Contact the Director of Treasury and Planning or, in the case of student activities, the Student Organizations, Leadership and Engagement Office. Unauthorized use of the MIT Federal Tax Identification Number could result in the imposition of penalties by the US Internal Revenue Service.