7.4 Benefits for Faculty and Staff Members

This policy was last updated January 4, 2021. See the update history page for more information.

The benefits programs of the Institute are available to all faculty and staff members who are appointed for at least 50 percent of the normal, full-time schedule of their department or laboratory/center, with an appointment of at least three months, and who are paid by MIT. The benefits do not, however, apply to graduate or undergraduate students, to postdoctoral or research fellows or affiliates, to most visitors (see Sections 2.3.4 Visiting Assistant Professor, Visiting Associate Professor, Visiting Professor; 2.3.11 Visiting Lecturer; and 5.3.4 Visiting Engineer, Visiting Scientist, Visiting Scholar), or to members of the armed services assigned to the Institute.

All employees working in Massachusetts, including those who are otherwise ineligible for MIT benefits, are entitled to sick leave in accordance with Massachusetts state law, as described in the MIT Employment Policy Manual, Section 4.3.7, Sick Time under the Massachusetts Earned Sick Time Law.  In addition, staff working in Massachusetts may be entitled to fully or partially paid medical and family leaves. Employment Policy Manual Section 4.3 Leaves for Employee Injury or Illness, and Section 4.4 Family Leaves.

Certain benefits are unique to members of the Faculty and are so identified. The benefits programs may be amended from time to time at the discretion of the Institute.

Faculty and staff members may elect to continue benefits coverage during unpaid leaves of absence granted by the Institute, except for contributions to the MIT Supplemental 401(k) Plan. More information on benefits during leaves can be found on the Benefits Office website.

7.4.1 Benefits Communications

MIT's Benefits Office's website provides information about health and welfare plans as well as retirement plans.

Once each year during the fall, benefits-eligible members of the MIT community are given an opportunity to enroll in benefit plans for the first time or to change their previous elections. Information is provided via email, the website, and in group meetings. In addition, personal meetings can be arranged with Benefits Office staff.

7.4.2 Health Services Provided by MIT Medical

MIT Medical administers different health plans for employees, students, and affiliates. In addition, some services, such as wellness classes and flu shots, are available to all members of the MIT community. Information on MIT Medical's overall services and covered benefits can be found on its website.

7.4.3 Affiliate Health Program

Certain visitors and affiliates of the Institute are required to participate in a health insurance program. The criteria for mandatory participation are that the individual is not eligible for MIT employee benefits, not paid by MIT funds, appointed for at least 50 percent of the normal full-time work schedule, and appointed for at least three months. The appointment titles subject to the mandatory health care program are visiting scientist, visiting engineer, visiting economist, visiting scholar, visiting research associate, research fellow, fellow, postdoctoral fellow, and visiting professor (including assistant and associate professor). See the affiliate plan webpage for more detail.

Affiliates who do not meet the above criteria but wish to purchase health coverage through MIT may be eligible for the Affiliate Health Program on an optional basis.

7.4.4 Personal Assistance Benefit

MIT offers a personal well-being and work-life benefit, MyLife Services, that provides confidential assessment, consultation, and counseling, along with research and referrals, for MIT faculty, staff, postdoc associates and postdoc fellows, and their families. MyLife Services also provides consultation with supervisors, administrators, and Human Resources representatives.