Time Off

MIT offers various kinds of time off, most of which are paid. Generally, benefits-eligible employees are entitled to the following time off, though there is a waiting period for some time off benefits (for example, a year of service for paid parental leave). Faculty are generally covered by leaves of absence policies set forth in P&P Section 7.5.2. Schools or academic departments may have additional policies on time off for Other Academic instructional staff. 


MIT offers 12 holidays a year. In some years, additional “special holidays” are observed.


Generally, staff receive 3 weeks of vacation in the first year of employment, and 4 weeks after that up to a maximum accrual of 40 days. Employees with 10 or more years of full-time service will be credited an extra five days of vacation, beginning on each anniversary of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 etc. years of service. The extra fifth week must be taken within the 5-year period.  Vacation is usually accrued monthly for nonacademic staff. Special rules apply to some staff, as stated in the specific policy section.

Sick Leave

Support staff generally have 12 sick days per year; after sick leave is used up, ongoing illnesses may be paid by Extended Sick Leave (75% of pay). Administrative, SRS and other exempt staff may generally take a reasonable amount of sick time, up to 6 months.  All employees (even those not otherwise eligible for MIT benefits) who work in Massachusetts are also covered by the provisions of the Massachusetts sick leave law, which generally covers the first 40 hours of sick leave per year.

Parental Leave 

Benefits-eligible staff (full-time, non-faculty) are entitled to 20 days of Paid Parental Leave.  P&P 7.5.6, EPM Section 4.6

Leaves for faculty are found in P&P 7.5.2 (Other Leaves) and P&P 7.5.3 (Faculty Teaching Relief).

    Other Types of Leave (Staff)

    References to P&P are to Policies & Procedures; references to EPM are to the Employment Policy Manual