6.3 Service Staff Appointments

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Service staff positions include all union-represented, hourly-paid classifications. The organizations having collective bargaining agreements with MIT are the Research, Development, and Technical Employees' Union (RDTEU); the Service Employees' International Union (Local 615); the Security Officers’ Independent Union; and the Campus Police Association. Service staff classifications represent research and maintenance services, the trades, and other services such as housing, security, and law enforcement. Service staff positions are covered by the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and service staff are entitled to overtime pay.

Requests to fill service staff positions are subject to the specific posting and bidding procedures of the agreement, as determined by the Human Resources Office and the particular department. Positions not filled through the union bidding process are generally posted on the MIT website. These appointments are typically indefinite and without specified term. They may be terminated in accordance with the provisions of the collective bargaining agreements. For assistance on discipline or termination, contact the Labor Relations group within the Human Resources Office.

Terms, conditions, and benefits for service staff may differ in some respects from those provided to other employees and are subject to the terms of the appropriate collective bargaining agreement. Questions should be referred to the Labor Relations group in the Human Resources Office.