6.5 Termination Procedures

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6.5.1. Termination Form

Authorized department representatives or the Human Resources office must submit the online termination form to terminate an individual's employment at the Institute. 

6.5.2  Final Payment

Submission of an approved termination form by a department results in final payment to an employee, including any final salary payments and any accrued but unused vacation balance; in the case of retirement of certain support and service staff, payment for a portion of unused sick leave is also made. See Section 4.3.5 or the relevant union contract. Overpaid vacation or salary may be deducted from an employee's final check.

When termination is involuntary, the employee must be paid the final paycheck on the last day of employment. Therefore, the department or human resources office must submit the approved termination form and, if applicable, the employee's timesheet and vacation balance, sufficiently in advance to permit final payment to be made on the employee's last day of employment.

6.5.3 Unemployment Compensation Insurance

The Institute is required under the Massachusetts law to make available to all terminating employees information regarding procedures for filing a claim for unemployment compensation benefits. In addition, upon request from the Massachusetts Division of Unemployment Assistance, MIT will provide information concerning the amount of wages earned and the reason for termination of a former employee.

6.5.4 Continuation of Benefits

A federal law, The Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA), requires that upon separation of service from the Institute (except in the case of termination due to gross misconduct), employees will be offered the opportunity for a temporary extension of their health and dental plan coverage. The employee must pay for this continuation of coverage at a cost of 102% of the full unsubsidized group rates, though MIT may subsidize this cost for a period of time following a layoff. The Benefits website contains more information about COBRA..