1.4 Employment of MIT Students

This policy was last updated September 13, 2022. See the update history page for more information.

MIT students who are registered as full-time students cannot be employed by the Institute in a full-time position. Students seeking part-time employment at the Institute on the student voucher/hourly payroll must do so through Student Financial Services (SFS). Only registered students may work on this payroll. Wellesley College students who are cross-registered may also work on this payroll.

Graduate students who hold full-time appointments as teaching or research assistants or Instructors-G are not eligible for compensation from the student/hourly payroll. In some instances, such compensation may be approved if it is for a minimum number of hours. Employers who wish to hire graduate students should consult with the student's department of registration or the Office of Graduate Education.

All students who are first-time employees at the Institute (except for those involved in the UROP program) must complete an I-9 form following the procedures outlined in Section 2.6.1 of this manual. SFS processes the I-9 forms for all undergraduate students; payroll forms will not be submitted without the I-9 form on file. Graduate departments process I-9 forms for the students registered in their departments.

Supervisors are advised to contact SFS for information concerning policy and special provisions or procedures for student employees.

See also Section 5.4.5 of Policies & Procedures.