5.5 Lateness

This policy was last updated May 2, 2023. See the update history page for more information.

5.5.1 Unexcused Lateness

Employees are not paid for time they lose by being late to work. Time lost should be reported as unpaid, and the work may be made up at the discretion of the supervisor, and reported as time worked. (See Section 5.5, Making Up Time.)

5.5.2 Excused Lateness by Institute Notice

Occasionally severe weather conditions or transportation difficulties cause large numbers of employees to be late in coming to work. Such lateness is excused only when the Institute issues a notice to this effect, and to the extent indicated in the notice. (See Section 5.6, Emergency Closing or Early Release.)

Payment for excused lateness does not apply to employees who for any reason do not come to work on that day. Employees who arrive at their normal reporting time receive no extra pay.

For employees on the Support Staff, hours of excused lateness are counted toward the calculation of any overtime pay for the week.