2.6 Procedures for New Employees

This policy was last updated December 20, 2023. See the update history page for more information.

Once an individual has accepted an offer of employment at MIT, the employee will be contacted by Human Resources and the hiring department to complete the following procedures before being put on the payroll.

2.6.1 Employment Eligibility Verification

In compliance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, MIT requires that each new person hired in any employment category in a paid status completes an I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification) form attesting that the new employee is either a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or foreign national who has permission to work in the U.S. The new employee must produce specific documents which verify identity and authorization/permission to work. The Institute is required to examine the documents presented for authenticity and complete the employer's section of the I-9 form within three working days of the hire date or three days from the time employment commences. NOTE: If the above requirements are not met, a candidate cannot be employed at the Institute.

For all non-academic appointments, the verification process and filing of I-9 forms will take place in the department or in central Human Resources. In the case of academic appointments, the verification process is conducted by the department which originates the appointment, or in central Human Resources. The I-9 form and documents are then sent to the HR/Payroll Service Center.

Verification of employability is also required for temporary MITemps and student employees. In the case of MITemps employees, the I-9 form and documents are processed and maintained by nextSource. The Student Employment Office in Student Financial Services will verify all registered MIT student employees.

Questions relating to this process may be directed to the Human Resources officer, the Student Employment Office, the International Scholars Office (for employees who are not U.S. citizens), and the International Students Office (for student employees who are not U.S. citizens).

2.6.2 Tax Forms

Each new employee should complete the appropriate tax withholding certificates. Failure to file these forms will require the Payroll Office to withhold taxes based on zero exemptions at the single withholding rate.

2.6.3 Identification Cards

All regular full-time and part-time employees must obtain an MIT Identification Card from the MIT Card Office. A photograph is taken at the time the card is produced. The MIT identification card contains the name, MIT identification number, expiration date, photograph, and affiliation information of the person identified. Cards can be issued once information has been received to put an employee on the payroll. The MIT identification card identifies an individual as a member of the MIT community and is recognized by the Medical Department, the MIT Libraries, and the Athletics Department. The MIT identification card may also be required to access certain buildings and parking lots. These cards are not transferable to other individuals under any circumstances.

Lost identification cards should be reported immediately to the MIT Card Office.

Upon termination of employment (for reasons other than retirement), the identification card must be returned to the department Director of Administration and Finance. Individuals who retire from the Institute may retain their identification cards.

2.6.4 Invention and Proprietary Information Agreements

All members of the MIT community -- including visiting scientists and fellows -- who participate in either sponsored research or Institute-funded research or who use significant funds or facilities administered by the Institute must agree to the terms in MIT's Invention and Proprietary Information Agreement and sign the agreement. By accepting such funds or using such significant facilities, the individual agrees to assign to MIT or its designate their title to Intellectual Property created through the use of such funds or facilities.

It is the responsibility of the Director of Administration and Finance of each laboratory or department to distribute these forms and to collect signed copies; a copy is forwarded to the Technology Licensing Office (TLO).

Any questions regarding the meaning of any terms in this agreement should be addressed to the Technology Licensing Office.

2.6.5 Orientation to the Work Group

It is the responsibility of the supervisor to introduce, orient, and integrate the new employee to their new work situation. It is suggested that supervisors cover the following items as applicable:

  1. describe the employee's responsibilities and job duties and how they relate to the work of the group or department;
  2. outline the standards of work, attendance, and conduct expected of the employee;
  3. explain the administrative procedures of the department or group, such as hours of work, lunch hours, reporting absences, parking, etc.;
  4. introduce the new employee to the employees with whom they will be working, within the group and in other related areas;
  5. show the new employee the physical layout of the office and building: the lunchroom, restroom facilities, stockroom, etc. Explain the general layout of other MIT buildings and facilities such as the Libraries, the Coop, the Student Center, athletic facilities, etc.;
  6. explain pertinent safety regulations and demonstrate the use of any necessary office equipment.

2.6.6 Benefits Orientation

All new benefits-eligible employees who are scheduled to work at least 50% of a normal work schedule and for a period of three months or more are invited to view the online New Employee site. This website also gives instruction on how to enroll in various benefits.   

2.6.7 Union membership

The Institute has collective bargaining agreements with a number of labor unions representing personnel on the Service Staff. Information about these unions is available in Section 8.0, Labor Relations, of this Manual. The hiring department will inform those new employees whose positions require them to join a union and will initiate the union agreement letter.