Beginning Employment

The MIT Talent Acquisition team's website gives detail on hiring for nonacademic staff:

  • Hiring process overview
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Resources for Managers, including checklists and guides
  • Hiring temporary help

Types of Appointments

  • Non-academic appointments (definitions of “regular”, “term” etc.) EPM Section 2.1.2 links to this Talent Acquisition website

  • Temporary workers: EPM Section 2.3

Affirmative Action Serious Search

Background Checks 

MIT conducts criminal record background checks for new hires with paid appointments.

Newly Hired Employees: Required Steps

Welcoming new employees is a collaborative effort of both central HR and the local hiring department.  This MIT Talent Acquisition team's website gives information on the new hire experience including the components of onboarding for which central HR is responsible.

New employees use Atlas for New Hires for the following:

  • Review of personal information such as home address and emergency contact

  • I-9 verification

  • Obtaining an MIT ID Card 

  • Benefits enrollment (information on benefits eligibility is at

  • Commuting benefits

  • Payroll tax withholding and direct deposit

  • Registering for a central HR Orientation session

  • Sexual Misconduct & Prevention Awareness Training

  • MIT Alert

  • Intellectual Property Agreement

Vacation Accrual and Reporting

  • Administrative staff must sign up for the Vacation Tracker to accrue and report their vacation

  • SRS and Senior Research Scientists/Engineers/Associates and Postdoctoral Associates/Senior Postdoc Associates use a special SRS vacation tracker

  • Support staff and service staff vacation accrual and reporting is done through the payroll system (SAP)

Probationary Period

Performance Feedback, Performance Reviews, and Corrective Action


References to P&P are to Policies & Procedures; references to EPM are to the Employment Policy Manual