7.2 Employment of Members of the Same Family

This policy was last updated January 12, 2022. See the update history page for more information.

The Institute bases appointments and promotions on qualifications and work performance. In keeping with this policy, members of the same family, including spouses, may be eligible for employment within the same department or area of the Institute. When members of the same family are being considered for hire or transfer so that they will work for the same supervisor, written approval of the arrangement by the appropriate senior officer is required in advance. The family members must notify their supervisor of this relationship before the hire or transfer. Similarly, if a family relationship is established between two employees who report to the same supervisor, the family members must notify the supervisor of the relationship as soon as practicable.

In no case may one family member supervise the other, nor may one family member recommend, evaluate, advocate for, or make decisions with respect to the other family member’s conditions of employment, salary, or promotion.

These rules also apply to those whose living arrangements approximate family relationships.

See also Section 9.9 Consensual Sexual or Romantic Relationships in the Workplace or Academic Environment and Section 9.10 Academic Authority over Family Members.