1.7 Committees of the Institute

This policy was last updated December 18, 2015. See the update history page for more information.

Listed in this section are the various Institute-wide committees. A brief description of each committee and its current membership can be accessed electronically at https://facultygovernance.mit.edu/committees-and-councils .

1.7.1 - Faculty Committees

Standing Faculty Committees: The following are standing committees of the Faculty. For more information on the purpose and membership of these committees, consult Rules and Regulations of the Faculty.

  • Committee on Academic Performance
  • Committee on Campus Planning
  • Committee on Curricula
  • Committee on Discipline
  • Faculty Policy Committee
  • Committee on Graduate Programs
  • Committee on the Library System
  • Committee on Nominations
  • Committee on Student Life
  • Committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid
  • Committee on the Undergraduate Program

Other Faculty Committees: The following are long-term faculty committees. Ad hoc faculty committees may be created to address particular issues when necessary.

  • Communication Requirement, Subcommittee on the
  • Edgerton Faculty Achievement Award Selection Committee, Harold E.
  • Faculty Newsletter Editorial Board, MIT
  • HASS Requirement, Subcommittee on the
  • Killian Faculty Achievement Award Selection Committee, James R. Jr.

1.7.2 - Committee Appointed by the Corporation

1.7.3 - Committees Appointed by the President

Responsibility for policy development and review in particular areas is often vested in committees that are appointed by the President and that report to senior officers. The current committees, whose titles are generally descriptive of their areas of responsibility, are listed below:

  • Animal Care, Committee on
  • Assessment of Biohazards, Committee on
  • Baker Memorial Foundation Advisory Board, Everett Moore
  • Commencement Committee
  • Community Giving at MIT Campaign Committee
  • DAPER Advisory Board
  • Endicott House Board of Governors
  • Environmental Health and Safety, Institute Council on
  • Family and Work, Council on
  • Foreign Scholarships, Committee on
  • Hobby Shop, Committee on the
  • Intellectual Property, Committee on
  • Lincoln Laboratory-Campus Interaction Committee
  • Medical Consumers' Advisory Committee
  • MIT Activities Committee (MITAC)
  • MIT Medical Management Board
  • MIT Press Editorial Board
  • MIT Press Management Board
  • MIT Working Group on Support Staff Issues
  • Race and Diversity, Committee on
  • Radiation Exposure to Human Subjects, Committee on
  • Radiation Protection, Committee on
  • Reactor Safeguard Committee
  • Review of Space Planning, Committee for (CRSP)
  • ROTC Oversight Committee
  • Staff Diversity, Council on
  • Student Information Policy, Committee on
  • Supplemental 401(k) Plan Oversight Committee
  • Technology Broadcasting Corporation
  • Toxic Chemicals, Committee on
  • Transportation and Parking, Committee on
  • Use of Humans as Experimental Subjects, Committee on (COUHES)
  • Women's Advisory Board

Special Presidential Committees: Ad hoc presidential committees may be created to address particular issues when necessary.

1.7.4 - Committees Appointed by the Provost

  • Educational Technology, Council on
  • Environmental Research Council
  • International Advisory Committee