4.11 Military Training Duty Leave

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Employees who participate in annual military training duty as members of the Armed Forces Reserve or National Guard, and who have completed one year of continuous service at the Institute at the time they report for such duty, are granted a military pay differential for a period of up to two weeks annually.

The pay differential is the amount, if any, by which the employee's normal base pay for the two-week period exceeds any pay received for such military training duty for the same period, including all military pay except subsistence allowance (including "quarters allowance") and travel allowance. Employees may not receive vacation pay and military pay differential for the same two-week period. Any period of time spent in military training in excess of the two-week period must be taken as vacation time or as leave without pay.

Upon return from military training duty, employees submit to their supervisors a copy of their original duty orders and a certified statement of their military pay and allowances for the two-week period. Any adjustments in salary will be reflected in a subsequent paycheck, after these documents are forwarded to the HR/Payroll Office.