1.7 Employment of Ex-Offenders

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The Institute does not deny employment opportunities to qualified persons who have been convicted of any crime. Ex-offenders may be referred to Human Resources by treatment or assistance agencies. They may seek employment while on parole through the Massachusetts Parole Board, or they may be in work release status from one of the Massachusetts Correctional Institutions.

When applying for a position at the Institute, ex-offenders are asked to complete the Supplement to the Application for Employment, which contains guidelines regarding the release of information about criminal offenses, prior to interview and referral to departments. The Supplement is kept in confidence in the Faculty and Staff Information Services Office and its contents shared with appropriate supervisors only when the Human Resources Officer has received reasonable assurance that the supervisor is intending to hire the ex-offender. The nature of the offense may be discussed with the supervisor to determine whether a position and its responsibilities combine to create an atmosphere that will be conducive to the success of the ex-offender in employment. Certain positions may have special requirements, such as a security clearance, permit to carry firearms, etc., which could restrict the consideration of ex-offenders for these positions.