1.2 Affirmative Action Policy for the Employment of Minorities and Women

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The Institute's Affirmative Action Program is intended to expand our efforts to guarantee equality of opportunity in employment and in education and to reduce underrepresentation and underutilization of minorities and women at MIT. For all Institute categories of employment, our objectives are to achieve a representation of minorities and women that is at least in proportion to their current availability and to provide new opportunities for career development which both stimulate and respond to their changing interests and aspirations. MIT's obligations as a federal contractor under Executive Order 11246 includes the development of an affirmative action program which provides for analysis of utilization of minorities and women in all job groups in each organizational unit.

The Institute has a job posting system for all non-academic jobs openly available on the MIT campus and at Lincoln Laboratory. MIT positions are posted on the MIT Human Resources website and jobs at Lincoln Laboratory can be found through the Human Resources Office at Lincoln Laboratory. This open announcement of job opportunities serves to make all members of the MIT community aware of career opportunities that exist at the Institute.

A Serious Search procedure has been established to identify candidates for positions including salaried appointments for an academic year or longer to the three faculty ranks (including visiting faculty) and instructors, and salaried full-time appointments to the Administrative Staff, the Sponsored Research Staff, or the Medical Staff for a duration of one year or more. This search procedure ensures that qualified candidates are sought, especially in those areas where underrepresentation of minorities and women have been identified.

See Section 2.1.4. for details of posting of available positions, and Section 2.2, Affirmative Action Serious Search Policy.